The whole 'Drug War' thing is a terrible injustice and wholescale madness.  Slowly, slowly this fact begins to permeate the consciousness of those who run this world, report on this world, pretend to understand this world.  A good starting place for looking into the whole thing is a recent article by journalist James Delingpole in the UK Spectator:

Here is a link to the 'printable' copy of James Delingpole's article kept on this site... quick to get, easy to read:
You Know It Makes Sense
 James Delingpole 

Here is a link to the SPECTATOR UK article itself. If you use this link you'll be able to view the comments folks have left with James' article. They are interesting in themselves.
lt is not drugs that cause the problems, it’s the wholly unwinnable war on drugs   THE SPECTATOR 21 August 2010

              One such comment, which mentions the well documented fact that the Taliban were actually anti-drugs until the USA interfered in Afghanistan.

August 28th, 2010 10:22am
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Perhaps, James, you and everyone else are missing an important dimension?
Every time a Serious Investigative Journalist traces the supply lines 'upward', they always arrive at the door of the CIA.
(The CIA is, of course, the same thing as "MI6" and "Mossad")
Google "Gary Webb" (American Investigative Journalist) as a prime example. And then what happened to him. "Suicided" ... with no less than TWO ... SHOTGUN ... wounds to the HEAD. Huh? How??? ("Oh, I just shot myself in the head, but I haven't killed myself ... so I'll have another go" ... we are supposed to believe? Yea ... I'll buy that ... have two gift-wrapped, please)
According to the son of the US Ambassador to South Vietnam, during the 1960s Vietnam War, his father told him "This is all about keeping the drugs supply lines open".
The Taliban cracked down on the poppy production, which reduced the crops to 1% of the world's supply. Now it's back up to some 60% or thereabouts.
I suggest you research that, and figure it into the equation.
And ask yourself "Why?"

The UK Drug Policy Commission   They have a number of worthwhile reports which are ONLY available for downloading.