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What Should Have Been Done?

What should have been done is written clearly in the appropriate regulations:

Education Act.
Education Regulations.

part 5  -Dress Codes
Para or Section  77?  Sorry, don't know the terminology. But find number 77 in the left margin and read:

(4) The head teacher of a school must, on the adoption by the school of a dress code, inform the parents of each student of the school and, on the later enrolment of a student at the school, inform the parents of that student, in writing—
(a) of the dress code of the school; and
(b) of the parents’ right to request the exemption of the student from that dress code.
(5) The head teacher may, on being requested in writing by a parent of a student to exempt the student from the dress code of the school, so exempt the student.
(6) Subject to subregulation (5), the head teacher of a school must enforce the dress code of the school and may take appropriate disciplinary action in relation to wilful and persistent breach of that dress code but the dress code may not be enforced by the suspension, exclusion or expulsion of a student from the school or by otherwise precluding the student from participating in the educational programme of the school.

Was This Done?

No. It certainly was not.

Is it Being Done?

No, it certainly is not.

So How Right Is That?


                                                                            How About This?                                                                                        spnl27extract1


 Look what he reveals:  

1.  He ('we') has implemented a 'policy' hurriedly, with scant concern (read 'nil') for those it effects.

2.  He KNOWS things are not ready, he is not in ignorance of this, it is not a mistake.

3. Apparently people CANNOT purchase the stuff they are being coerced into buying.  CAN NOT>

4. They are being told to do something they cannot do.  NOT an educational thing. NOTHING to do with education.  But a decorative thing, a thing pertaining solely to the visual sight of students NOT at work studying.

3. Nevertheless he will 'punish' students if they don't have this uniform.  He clearly and shamelessly states this.

4.  Therefore in total we have a clearly arrogant and unjustifiable dictat.

What sort of mentality is this?

It is that of a control freak with scant regard for what's right, what's wrong, what's proper, what's good and what hurts our children.

I have no objection to uniforms. In their place. Like on soldiers, or bus conductors.  Prison guards.

The obvious drawbacks can't be disregarded and I don't mean I would disregard them.

But what I mean is I don't care if you and/or your children wear uniforms.  I don't mind at all.  That is your business and there is no way I want to tell you what to do or what to do with your children.

But, need I say it? I don't want you telling me what to do with my children.

That's a basic situation vis-a-vis uniforms. A basic stance.

But here we have a specific instance of illegal authoritarian implementation of a mandatory uniform policy complete with intimidation: threats, penalties.

Here we don't have a question of  whether or not uniforms are good or bad - here we've got an example of uniforms being rammed down our throats, willy nilly.  By a public (primary!) education establishment!


Get the idea?

BUT:  I don't mind a bit if the Admin and the Teachers wear uniforms. In fact I think it is an excellent idea.
                                                                              THE BRUNSMA STUDY


There is claimed to be 'significant research' indicating that 'students behave and perform better at school in uniform'


There's alwasy some 'prevailing wisdom' some prevailing myth, in fact, that turns out usually on the most cursory investigation,not to be right at all.

In the question of school uniforms the prevailing myth is that there's lots of research showing they benefit the students in their academic lives - and benefit the schools in their legitimate endeavours, i.e. those that seek to promote education rather than those that seek to promote the personal and inappropriate wishes of some administrators and/or staff.

Of course such people promoting such selfish ends are in fact advertising to the world their inadequacy for and ineptitude in the positions they hold.

The fact that they manage to hold such positions in many places around the world after so doing is a further illustration of the almost limitless tolerance even, perhaps, apathy of the population at large.

Christian virture though tolerance may be it has the unfortunate effect of giving these incumbents and their utterances the appearance of legitimacy.

Which then leads to further erroneous teachings.........

In fact the most authoritative of the publicly available research - which is in fact not voluminous at all - is the much quoted and respected Brunsma study.

Which such people never draw your attention to.

You can read something of it  here and, if you are serious, I suggest you do:

And here a little thing called "Those Disgusting School Uniforms' which is, nevertheless, quite serious, pertinent, legitimate.
Those Disgusting School Uniforms

  How Must Schooling Be?

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Think it has to be the way it is?       Well it doesn't, there's many alternatives.

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                                                                                         That's just something to be going on with. I'll put more up later.