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There's many things going on in the world that aren't too good - we all know that.
Many of the bad things in the world are a directly caused by us, our world, our way of life - I think we all know that.
And we keep getting a bewildering blizzard of information, something new every day......
And we don't know what's true about it and what's false.
Do we?

No one seems to know.

What's this global warming thing? Is it real? Can we fix it? What should we do?
What about Iraq? Was that right?
What about Afghanistan - is that right?

What about world leaders? They don't seem to be any more understandable.
Was Tony Blair a good man or is he 'Tony B Liar'?
Is Obama doing anything he said he'd do?
Are our leaders doing anything other than musical jobs?

The papers, the television, the radio, the blogs, twitter...  they all add to the confusion.
What should we do?

We should think.
We should check things out.
It is all going to hell in a handcart because there's someone, something, missing.