I’m a harassed parent.  The difficulties of my life have been immeasurably increased by the irrational and objectionable behaviour of my 7 year old son’s school.

They seem to have completely lost the plot there and are doing what they clearly shouldn’t be doing and are doing what one imagines, without specific knowledge (not being an education professional) that they shouldn’t be doing.

This is the second school that has irritated me beyond measure at a time when I can little handle irritation and it all  has been winding me up tighter and tighter.

What to do?  Let some air out. Air my grievances. See if there’s anyone agrees with me, shares the same experiences, welcomes or deplores my opinions, whatever….

So as an experiment and to release the pressure I was feeling I’ve created a website and a forum and a guestbook and this blog and the hope is that somewhere, somehow, out of all that will come some help for me and my child.

And wouldn’t it be just beautiful if some help for others came out of it?

And my appraisal of the situation at these schools is that many need that help…

On with the show…..

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