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One child sees the other child is awake but still in bed reading so he goes to join him perhaps touches him, gets rejected… whatever… starts loudly protesting about the actions of the other one. Then the other one gets up and maintains … Continue reading

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Check The Glee

In this litany of gloom that is a perusal of the state of the world today I can only find one area of light: Glee.  The American series about a High School Glee Club. I’m talking about viewing the world … Continue reading

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The Truth About Children

Hummm… when is the Truth About Children ever going to be told? I realise it is difficult. They are so terrible, so awful, so totally destructive that one cannot remember what they’ve done to you when you finally reach the … Continue reading

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Costs $10 Million to Lend $2.7 Million

Check this out It is a story about the Northern Territory Government here in Aus.  Here’s the first two paras: A federal government program aimed at helping indigenous Australians buy their own home used up nearly $10 million in … Continue reading

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Isn’t it wonderful how all the evils exposed by Wikileaks fail to attract any political attention in their chorus of condemnation and even hardly any media attention? The story is the vendetta against Assange.  The story(ies) should be on the … Continue reading

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Channel 7 news in Australia – Sydney police Taser a man three times, an unarmed man, in his own home, which they entered without a warrant. And they’ve got the pictures, from the taser. Of the man being tasered in … Continue reading

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Cyber War

Man on the radio this morning said this is pivotal time vis-a-vis the internet and I’d agree. There’s a cyber war brewing or breaking out.  DOS attacks are taking place and have taken place on MasterCard and Paypal for their … Continue reading

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Science and God

I’m constantly amazed by the attitude of Science and Scientists towards the question of God. Capital ‘S’ for Science and Scientists because that’s the way they see themselves: as, ironically, Godlike Gurus. But their childish attitude is that ‘There is … Continue reading

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