Quick Cure Concrete

They’re pouring concrete not far from where I live. New shopping centre to blight our lives.  Pouring slabs bigger than a football field. You can see them pouring wet concrete from a pipe at this end while in the background, on the same slab, they’re walking over it and operating a ‘helicopter’ which is finishing the surface.

An 8 inch slab at least and it is cured to walking strength within 2 hours.   Incredible.  Cured right through.  Old timer was telling me it used to be 12 hours for every inch.  That slab wouldn’t have been cured for days.  Now it is ready in 2 hours.

What’s that? That’s technology and science.  That’s serious, sensible, intelligent people figuring, calculating, trying, experimenting, carefully doing…

It is heartening that in this world where there’s so much insane greed, so much insane violence, so much injustice and downright stupidity these oasis’ of sanity and reason exist and practical work proceeds and develops…

These are the progressions that should be lauded and held up to the people and the kids as exemplary.  The progressions of knowledge and practical science.

But in fact it/they are almost totally ignored by mainstream media and general interest. Totally. A flash of interest when something really new is brought to market,  maybe, but probably not even that.

Sad, that, on the one side, but good, that, on the other – that it is being done, that they do exist, the sensible, intelligent people who develop these technologies and sciences….

In the lousy insane hubbub of the clamorous, greedy world we sometimes, oft-times, forget that, right?

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