World’s Best Primary School…

This is a joke.

I have two children perforce attend a primary school that has displayed some unfortunate behaviour: demonising my child, coercing parents to put children in uniform, that sort of stuff. You can see: authoritarian.

They have a Principal – drawing some $70,000 a year I believe, who tries to coerce parents into putting their children into expensive uniforms – parents who try to support numerous children on less than half that sum.

A Principal  who refers to the sight of a bevy of identically dressed schoolchildren as ‘fantastic’.

Good teacher for your child’s English class, eh?

Well now they’ve topped it. Or bottomed it or something. Revealed all.  Because they’ve now got a brand new web site and right at the top, almost a masthead is the proclamation:

“Blah Blah South Primary School prepares students for effective participation in society by providing a broad and balanced education in a safe, supportive and stimulating environment.” .

‘Blah blah’ in order to avoid embarrassment to the guilty.

So now we know.  Students surviving the rigours of this Primary School (It surely deserves capitals) are ready for ‘effective participation in society’ !  Job done. No worries. No need for any further education or upbringing.

What we need now is to channel all the many thousands of people in our society into the arms of this primary school and they, too, can be taught to be capable of ‘effective participation in society’.  What a wonder! What a miracle! Who knew that such a tool was available?  No one, I think. No one.

And the environment within the school which seems on cursory examination to be inhumanly authoritarian is, in fact,  “a safe, supportive and stimulating environment.”

You know what the Principal would say that was?

“Fantastic.”, I think.  And I’m inclined to agree.

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