Nothing New…

Long time since I wrote anything.  Nothing new to say.

For a long time now I’ve been learning almost on a daily basis of faults, nastinesses, bad things, terrible things in our world, our civilization….

It has been a rude awakening for me because I’ve never been in the habit of looking at anything beyond myself.

I was quite shocked. Startled. Amazed. Affronted.

Leapt into print to tell the world about it….

But finally tired of it… ┬ábecause I learn there’s thousands of people concerned about these things… they are really well known…

I am not needed to tell the world about these things. There’s enough folks doing that.

What is needed is someone to tell of the answers to all this.

And I can’t do that. I don’t have the answers.

So what to do? Fall silent? Disappear from the web? Fall back into the sea….

So that’s what I’ve been meditating on, trying to figure out…

I haven’t got very far.

As far as deciding that’s what’s needed is a whole new idea, a new paradigm, a new concept of how humans should live together on the world….

Something new.



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