My God Used To Be….

My God wasn’t always the god I have now, the god I wrote about in my last post.

Reality.  Reality is my God now.

What I mean by that is that my God is now Real.

And my God wasn’t always Real.  Or wasn’t always ‘Reality’.

I don’t know where my God came from.  Nature or Nurture. I don’t know.

I remember reading the Family Bible.  ‘Family Bible’ is a noun.  Special kind of Bible they used to have. Wonderful books. You don’t see them now. Outside of museums.

Great big thing.  Would be 100mm thick.  Four inches thick.  400mm wide. 500mm long.

Section in the front – or the back, I don’t remember – for details of the family.  Who  begat who and so on.  Birthdays. Weddings. Funerals.

Ornate script.  Copperplate writing. You don’t see that any more.

You don’t see anything anymore.

The traditional 66 books of the King James Bible.


Full page engravings.

No one has ever seen an engraving anymore.  No one knows what I’m talking about.

It is too late.








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