Cyber War

Man on the radio this morning said this is pivotal time vis-a-vis the internet and I’d agree.

There’s a cyber war brewing or breaking out.  DOS attacks are taking place and have taken place on MasterCard and Paypal for their highhanded banditry on Julian Assange, the principal of Wikileaks.

This time is pivotal because it is probably the first time the unitary nature of the internet is truly demonstrated and the manner in which it represents the voice of the people – the voice of the teeming millions of planet earth.

See Marion Bride’ Portal for an expression of the nature of the net as it pertains to the voice of the world. Voice Of The World, we should say.

Now we see a worldwide action by authorities and governments to shut down the voice of the people in order to prevent the people proclaiming the truth.

The truth, largely, regarding the deceptions, deceits and trickeries practiced by their governments in the name of those people.

The trickeries, deceits and distortions that lead to wars and hatreds and killings and mutilations and impoverishing of people.

All is being revealed and those who are revealed hate it and are burning up the comms channels between themselves, scrambling to find any way to put a stop to it.

A hundred years behind the times.

Wikileaks – I heard this morning – has over 200 mirrors as of this morning.

A hundred years behind the times they fail to understand that kill Wikileaks, remove its funding, incarcerate its founder and the leaks remain – in more than 200 other places.

And those leaks can be promulgated by cellphone, computer, radio, tv, telephone and even, in the end, snailmail.

But they don’t think.  They are, of course, always 100 years behind the times. Why? Because they live in the past of aristocratic, hereditary privilege or  cruel, tyrannical overlordship won by conquest or despotism ( the origins of aristocracy and hereditary ‘kingship’) or that latest imposition on the suffering mass of humanity – economic overlordship, overlordship by means of ownership of everything.

So they rest on their laurels, they believe in the security granted to them by brute force, by threat of unemployment or persecution, carrying great cudgels and owning vast compliant policeforces they feel no need to think in order to protect their positions.

So they don’t think. And they don’t understand new technology and the never did understand people, the masses they stand over, ride on, profit from, subjugate and dominate.

They never understood them because, truly, how can you understand the masses of humanity?  They suffer so much in silence. They tolerate so much inhumanity inflicted upon them. They bear the inequities, contemplate untold wealth paraded before their eyes as they stand mutely in their rags before their hovels.  AND – most impossible of understanding – they inflict these burdens upon themselves at the whim of their masters.

The armies of thugs, police, special police, execution squads, murderous militia, genocidal soldiery, spies, torturers,  etc., etc…  are all drawn from the people. They ARE the people.

Virtually never does one of these ‘top dogs’ ever pull a trigger, ever kill a peasant, ever torture a prisoner or incarcerate the innocent or do anything evil at all, anything, not one single thing: bar have it all happen in order to further their own ends and preserve their own power.

So now they try to enforce silence in the only quaint old fashioned ways they know of.  Injust, illegal incarceration. Injust, illegal sequestration of funds. Persecution, in short, organised, systematic, corrupt, orchestrated, authoritarian persecution.

Why do they do all this?

To keep a secret.

What secret?

That they are keeping secrets by injust, illegal persecution of the innocent.

And that’s why this is pivotal time in the history of the people of the wordl.

Because, win or lose in their efforts and more especially if they ‘win’ – they reveal this is their nature.

Like a man publicly accused of being a killer, taking up a club to kill his accuser, reveals to the watching world he’s a killer.

They will, if they succeed somehow in stopping this wikileaks phenomenon – the revealing of this material by virtue of the desire and wishes of the people – they will stand there before the world bloody club in hand.

But what’s all the fuss about, in the first place?

What is this material?  What is so special about it?

Nothing. All is already know. Numerous book both overtly fictional and overtly documentary has spelled all this out before. The lies and deceits of our leaders. The conduct of nations. The motivations, the duplicities, the callous disregard for the populace, for justice, for reason, for right.

Anyone with half a brain has know for decades – well they’ve know for centuries, from well before Machiavelli, from the dawn of social organisation that the people are inevitably led by murderous, injust overlords concerned principally with feathering their own nests and preserving and increasing their own power.

It was ever thus.

So what’s the fuss?

Hah.  No fuss if they’d kept quiet.

But the overlords are so addicted to their own power and their own secrecy and are so offended by the presumption of the creatures beneath them that they react in horror and strike out when the facts are made public.

The emperor has no clothes.

Perish the thought. Or off with the head of anyone that says it.

Well they stand revealed as bereft of the clothing of righteousness and proper conduct.  And their actions in trying to stifle this comment, deny this observation, simply serve to reveal and highlight in bold the truth of the assertion.

They are on a hiding to nothing. Say nothing, do nothing and the truth rises like a lifted iceberg,  do what they are doing and the truth becomes even plainer.

The inert, slavish masses of the world are having their consciousness raised and mainly they’re having their consciousness of their own abilities raised.

Their voice, their will, their collective understanding, is being manifest.

A pivotal time.

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