What’s The Problem?

Well I don’t seem to have much to say for someone who reckons he’s got so much on his mind, found so much ‘wrongdoing’.

So what am I on about? I better start by clearing that up.

1.  My son’s school scorned improving safety after my child was knocked down and lost a tooth.

They should not have done that.

2.  The Dept of Education ran an unasked, unprepared, undefined, in camera  ‘investigation’  without my knowledge and came up with – astonishingly – ‘absolution’ for the school – and refused to reply to my communications further.

They should not have done that.

3.   My son’s school kept a daily ‘dossier’ of his unilaterally defined misdeeds without my knowledge or participation and eventually suspended him from the school in a unilateral in camera judgement.

They should not have done that.

4.  My son’s school took a typical child incident and blew it into a major drama, made a disgusting, provocative (to his parents), unprofessional and invalid assessment of the situation and responded with a totally invalid response.

They should not have done that.

5.  My son’s school currently attempts to  cajole and coerce us parents  and psychologically intimidate my son with an improper push for a mandatory school uniform.

They should not do that.

So. Clear enough?  I always tend to use too many words. I don’t write well. I speak even worse.

To try to reduce to the even more succinct:

Both of my child’s schools and the Department of Education has behaved and are behaving improperly and I’ve had a gutful of it.

There you go.


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