So What Do I Want?

Yes, what do I want? That’s the point. I was in a kind of incoherent rage at my child being singled out, unfairly treated, the calumny aimed at him, the unprofessionalism of the ‘professionals’, the danger into which he’d walked in a supposedly safe place – and so on……

So I rushed into this action. A blog, a forum, a web site devoted to the problem.  Rushed so quickly I didn’t stop to think – What do I want?

And I didn’t stop to think – Who Gives A Damn?

Well I’ll leave the latter question for later – the answer’s probably ‘No one’, but that doesn’t mean it should be the answer, that doesn’t mean it’s the end of it.

But what do I want?

Well I want an immediate cessation to bad, improper practice and a return (if it is a return) to proper conduct on the part of the officers/teachers/administrators/whatever of these two schools and the Department of Education.

That’s essentially what I want.  People given the responsibility to do what they’re paid for.

Pretty simple, really. Simple and obvious.  Sort of ‘goes without saying’.  I didn’t need to state it. But I have. Just to make sure.

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