Islamic Jihadist Bombing – Truth?

It was well said that in Indonesia the clerics don’t seem to be doing enough about condemning Islamic extremists. (Saturday Extra, Radio National, 7th May).

Absolutely no one is, anywhere in the world. For instance there’s a simple question needs deciding: Is suicide bombing legitimate and good for ‘them’ (the Islamic faithful) or not?
If it is good then the religion of Islam is inimical to any Western Nation, no argument.

If it is bad then Al Qaeda and such would have great difficulty continuing to recruit suicide bombers once the truth got out.

But where is the truth ‘getting out’? What is the truth? Do you and I know all these years after the beginning of this Islamic ‘Jihad’ ?

No. We know nothing. We should be experts on the subject by now and the truth should be on everyone’s lips and it should be impossible for anyone to dispute it.

And we’d either be without suicide bombers because they would no longer do it or because the Islamic religion would be disallowed and shunned and their people pushed away from the rest of us.

And isn’t that probably what’s going on? The truth is that suicide bombing IS wholly valid and approved of within the Islamic religion and there’s no chance of stopping these people by appealing to their religious fervour.

BUT – promulgating this fact would lead to revulsion in the community against the Islamic religion and those who practice it – or at least avow to be members of it.

And that could lead to great social unrest indeed.

It could even lead to  injuries and deaths.

So the powers-that-be have formally or informally decided not to promulgate this fact. Hence the truth is hidden. And the world lives a lie, which is always the case when a truth is hidden.

We harbour Islamic madness in the overt belief that they are not inimical to our own safety.

How about that? Who can pronounce on that?

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