Send Some Killers


Australia has this big problem with their livestock exports to Indonesia.  Apparently they are often killed in an unacceptable manner.

So will someone explain to me why we don’t send, with each shipment, a team of Australian Killers? Complete with power generator vans and stun guns?

One needs an abattoir to deal with meat once the animal is killed.  And abattoirs have a finite capacity. Which is why attempting to send all the animals to the few acceptable abattoirs may not be a practical solution.

But all the animals could be farmed out to abattoirs as usual and each abattoir could receive, along with the animals, a team of Australian Killers and associated equipment.

Quietly. Politely. With some apologies. And pending discussions – amicable, adult, intelligent discussions between Australian and Indonesian officials.

Who pays for these teams could be worked out later.

Let it be done, rather than kill a whole industry and cause incredible damage within Australia.

Which is quite apart from the laughing stock we make of ourselves when we are prepared to cripple a whole industry over inhumane animal deaths but turn a blind eye and are complicit in refugee mistreatment up to and including possible deaths.

Why’s that, then?

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