Army Of Muslim Clerics


We are sending soldiers to Afghanistan to do what a soldier cannot do.

There’s about 30 million Afghanis and 99% of them are Muslim.  See this Wikipedia page:  Afghanistan

That is: 30 million people are captured by a religion. Slaves to a religion.  Slaves to the ‘authorities’ and ‘high priests’ – any and all expounders of the religion.

And amongst these people there are about 100,000 foreign troops stomping around trying to eradicate an estimated 25,000 Taleban.  With the help of 200,000 Afghan troops.

Foreign troops, with a foreign religion walking around with guns trying to eradicate a small group of Muslims from within a Muslim country.

Read this on the estimated impossibility of that: Afghan War

And that’s in Military terms.  Read the paragraph that says:

“The crucial aspect in this case is the ratio of security force to population – this is much more relevant,” he said. “This would require one security person to every 50 people. In a country of about 32 million, this means about 600,000 security personnel would be needed to clamp it down.”

Now that’s Military Thinking. ‘Clamp it down’.  What does that mean? It means a prison camp. It means ‘lockdown’. It means total military control of a country.

It means, of course, a total failure to help Afghanistan or its people.  But that’s the only path the military can see. Because the military are in the business of dealing in death and destruction and that’s all they can see.

But the real problem here is that we have a wildcard group of extremists and madmen amongst a Muslim community.

So there’s an obvious way to deal with it – Use Muslim Clerics.

Muslims preach to Muslims.  The vast majority of Muslims (we think, we hope) wish to live in peace.  The normal interpretation of the Muslim, Islamic religion is that one lives in peace.

Hence these killers are in conflict with their own people, their own religion.

We are screwing things up just as quickly as we can by lumping them in with the main body of Muslims and failing to see any difference.

But there is a vast difference we can bet.  A vast difference.

These Taleban and religious extremists are not bringing anything good to their own people. Quite the opposite.

The budgeted cost to the United States for 2011 for this War is  $119 billion.

Let them spend a mere billion on paying accommodation, fares, living costs or whatever for any Muslim Cleric who wishes to go to Afghanistan and preach peace.

Let them withdraw ALL troops  and send in the Clerics under the banner of ‘let the Muslims talk to the Muslims’ and see what happens.

Give Islam to the Afghans.  Give Afghanistan to the Islamic world. Join the two together.  Step out of the ring. Stop the fighting and the killing.  Let them talk. Let it be as public as possible.

Let there be  full on public discussions with hundreds even thousands of Muslim clerics, Taleban and not Taleban on tv, radio, movies, Twitter, Facebook, designer websites, whatever…

Let the suicide bombers be exposed to the idea that they will NOT go to any heaven.  Let the ignorant and misled be informed and properly led.

Let the cancer growing within the Muslim body be exorcised by Muslim healers.



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