It Should Die Out

The whole human race should die out. It is a joke, a sick joke. It is Hell. This is where Hell is. This is where Heaven is. This is where it all is. This is it. And it is, on balance, awful, terrible, painful, shocking, disgusting… and so on.. endless list of downer adjectives.
Anyone with children knows how awful they are by nature, what a totally insane world they make you live in.. anyone with any interest knows what a mess the whole world is in with people in dire trouble by the millions in every corner of the world and those in luxury (us, me, you) caring nothing. Anyone with any sense of the history of the human race knows how it is a history of terrible ferocity, part of humanity eternally preying on the other part, inflicting terrible damage, terrible wounds, terrible suffering…
A shocking, awful, dismal history. A disgusting, disgraceful present. Peopled by animals that start off demonstrably awful, unfit.
And for what? Has anyone ever demonstrated a purpose? No.
Religions, particularly the Islam/Judeo/Christian claim to have found a purpose: ‘to please God’ but it is unsupported by any evidence whatever.
It seems obvious the ‘purpose’ is simply the reality doing its own thing part of which turns out to be becoming conscious of itself as manifest by ourselves.
Or: the stardust that makes up the universe or the totality of all universes or whatever, the whole of everything – that inanimate matter somehow naturally organises itself in such a way that ultimately it arrives at where it has created such as us. ‘Human’ beings that can see the universe and contemplate the universe and know we are part of it, we are of it. We are nothing else but it.
What it is, we are. We are inseparable. The cosmos cannot be separated from us and we cannot be separated from it. We are one and the same. It penetrates us continually by radiation, etc., the energetic manifestations of it penetrate us eternally quite apart from the gross penetration of breathing. And we penetrate it in a reciprocal way.
So we are one. One.
Se we are the universe and we are conscious of ourselves.
We, the universe, are/is conscious.
And that’s all its all about.
And that’s all it needs to be about.
And having done it, having achieved it, having become it – a sentient universe courtesy of our own selves – then what’s the next step?
No one knows. No one can know.
But all indications are that a good next step would be to abdicate. To vacate the stage.
Clean the place up by getting out of it.
In a natural way if we can ever do anything in a natural way.
Just die out.
Stop having children and let the race die out.
And let the universe continue without the added nastiness, drama, filth, hurt, hatred and awfulness of ourselves.

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