Things Are Worse Than You Think

Bit Awful (with a capital ‘A’) that last post, wasn’t it?

Doomy. Gloomy.  Sad. Depressing.

But the facts are even worse than that.

It talked about the facts of the history of the human race, all the bloodshed, the shocking violence, the awful calamities, whatever…

But it is worse than that.  Because it is all happening right now. Today.

I was thinking this the other day. And today. And a few days ago. Recurring for a few weeks now.

It goes like this:  Think of the most awful thing you can. The most awful agony. The most terrible, painful, horrible way to die.

Imagine you are an author making a living by writing horror stories, or dramas or something – with the fertile imagination of such an author…  given that it is fiction just let your head run wild…

Think of anything you like. In the most graphic detail. Sort  of like watching an execution in slow motion, or going over the details of a witch burning with great precision, leaving nothing out, measuring the effect of every increase in heat, every wound inflicted…

Something like that.

Dwell on pain and horror for a while. Build a picture. Get the whole terrible fictional thing built.

And then think: somewhere in the world it is happening now.

No matter how terrible it is, how awful, how  horrible, the chances are it is happening right now either accidentally or by design.

The accidents of fate easily bring about the most terrible lingering deaths – imagine crushed to death in an earthquake… caught by a limb, alive but trapped, moving only centimetres of wriggling room.. slowly dying of thirst, hunger… pain throughout….

Easily imagined in earthquake building collapse.

And the consider what people deliberately do to each other when in conflict….

And consider what they accidentally do to each other when in conflict ( ‘collateral damage’ )….

Yes. Don’t consider it. It is too awful to think about.

It’s all  happening now.  Right now.

Wonder what’s on t.v.

Maybe a nice cooking show.  Wonder if I can find a recipe for cream cake with chocolate and icing….








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