Institutions and ‘Racism’ madness.

My child is being accused of being racist.

He’s too young and of such a nature that he’s incapable of being racist.

They say he called a black boy ‘black’.  Called him ‘ A black something’  – they don’t know what the ‘something’ was and they don’t care.  What they care about is that he called a black boy ‘black’.

Does this remind you of 1984?   ‘Newspeak’ ?

I have had a quite senior officer of the Department of Education insist to me that saying ‘black’ is offense and racist.

At the same time as admitting that it is not.

Am I joking?  Am I talking rubbish?  How could he possibly have claimed both propositions at once?  No one sane and sensible would do that, would they?


Oh yes he did.  I pointed to vast areas of Australia wherein one could front up to the bar and rub shoulders with black people – ‘blackfellers’ – and engage in conversation, banter or even argument with the terms ‘whitefeller’ and ‘blackfeller’, ‘white’ and ‘black’ (accompanied by all manner of other adjectives) will fly around freely with no one taking offence or recognising them as other than descriptive terms.

‘black’, of course, is a term that a certain section of the Australian populace has apparently chosen to adopt, proudly.  It seems in order to identify with a social movement largely represented in the United States of America where the world is largely seen in black and white terms  (that is black and white people)  and the blacks are always assumed to disadvantaged and innocent and suffering and whites are always assumed to be advantaged and guilty and causing suffering.

They choose to be ‘black’ and to identify with this attitude and yet cannot be called ‘black’?

What madness is this?


It is the madness of today.  Loosely categorised as the madness of ‘political correctness’,  I believe, often contracted to ‘pc’.


There is no end to it.  It is ubiquitous and iniquitous.


Very important in logic, in sense, in reason is the fact that ‘black’ is NOT a ‘race’.

Completely unimportant to these racists.  Completely.  What words really mean is as irrelevant to them as what effect words have really had or were intended to have.

Just as in logic the racists by definition are those who separate out the speakers of certain words and the people of certain colours and accuse them of being racist and of belonging to a race.

Calling ‘black’ a race.  Calling ‘white’ a race.  Calling you ‘racist’ because you say ‘black’.  Calling you a racist because of things you do or say or believe.  Always resorting to an accusation of racism.

What could possibly be more racist that seeing everything and everyone in racial terms?

Totally, entirely?

Even when they don’t apply ?

Even when the ‘race’  doesn’t exist?  There is no ‘black’ race.  There is no ‘white’ race.

Just the same as there is no ‘evil’ race and no ‘stupid’ race.

But within all races there are the stupidly evil.   That has always throughout the history of mankind been clear and here we see it again.


The cosmos makes jokes.  Was Orwell prescient?  Newspeak in his book  1984  – the language of Ingsoc,  the ‘English Socialist Party’ – is spoken in the country of Oceania and intent is that every member of the party be wholly converted to use of this language by 2050.

Where do we live, here in Australia?  Surely our population is not yet dumbed down enough to not know?  We live in Oceania.  This region of the world is officially Oceania.

This is Oceania.

2050 is the target date.  I’d say we’re well on track.







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