Global Irrationality

The whole globe seems to be backing America and it’s Trump – ordered missile strike against an Syrian airfield.

A strike totally against international law.

A contravention of international law that the USA frequently in the past has screamed about.

A strike that happened mere hours after the incident they claimed justified it.

The incident they claimed justified it being uninvestigated and unproven.

The very claimed incident being on the face of it ludicrous.

They claim a man who is winning a war and beginning to achieve some concerted action with a long time opponent suddenly attacked civilians in the worst possible way thereby destroying his rapprochement and jeopardising his winning.

An attack without any discernable military benefit to him.

It is a clear cut madness.

Yet the whole (western) world is backing the American story, ludicrous though it is.

And more:  they even call upon Russia to abandon its alliance with Syria.

Stupendous arrogance.

They have not consulted the Syrian people at all.  Not asked them anything.  What they thought the attack was.  What they wanted to do about it. Which government they want (they voted 80% for Assad).  Who they want for an ally – Russia or not.

The Syrian people are in fact the people almost completely destroyed by the machinations of the American state in recent years.

A million deaths in the Middle East I read recently.  Hard to believe.  Needs checking out.  But if it is true it is all attributable to the Americans, is it not?

12 million displaced persons.  The greatest refugee crisis ever known.  All attributable to the Americans.

Oh, no: to Daesh you say.  Daesh was invented, trained, paid for and operated by the Americans in the first place.

It is all a madness.

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