Noam Chomsky And The Truth of Today

I think this interview with Noam Chomsky is very good, very important, very informative.

Particularly to me was his assessment of why the USA constantly demonises Iran.   It is always a mystery to me why America hates Russia and Iran so much.  To where they maintain a stream of disinformation, ridiculous lies, about those two countries.

In this case Noam says that Iran has a small defence budget – I find that very significanct – and its Defence philosophy is Defence.  Not Attack.

Despite what the USA would have us believe.  They’d have us believe that Iran seeks, like a slavering mad dog, to immediately launch an all out attack on Israel and I don’t know whatever else.

And Noam says the USA wants to be able to do what it does now: use force freely wherever it feels like within the Middle East.

Hmmm.   Has the ring of truth about it.

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